Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. This puts you, the user, in control of your money. Transactions send instantly and fees are low to zero. Basically, Bitcoin is cash for the internet. Check out the video below for a quick overview of Bitcoin.


MixCoins 是一个分布式自治的比特币交易市场,为全球用户提供安全的比特币交易服务。

Users can store bitcoin and fiat currencies in their accounts and buy and sell bitcoin for USD.

It's easy!

  1. Register
  2. Deposit USD or BTC into your account
  3. 开始买卖 BTC,或者申购我们的套利宝

At the bottom of the Trade Center or in Order Management find the order you wish to cancel and click “cancel” to the right of the order.

When you place a limit order the systems searches the order book for a direct match. If a match is found the order is completed immediately. If not, the limit order is added to the order book until another member places a matching order.

The order book is a list of existing buy and sell orders that are awaiting completion. You can trade at these prices and quantities immediately. The order book can be found under Order Management.

MixCoins 的交易成本取决于推广活动和用户等级,请参考费率表查看客户当前的费率。


  • Cryptographic Security: All member data is cryptographically encoded with the highest level financial cryptography used today
  • System Security: We employ extensive anti-intrusion measures to ensure the protection of all data
  • Geographic Security: Our servers and team operate in a distributed autonomous network so that policy changes by any country cannot disrupt QB operations
  • Operational Security: Our operational policies have been created with security as the primary goal. Certain member account actions require a human audit to verify the action is originating from the account owner. Our staff is on call 24 hours a day to make sure our operations are not only secure, but convenient as well
  • Constant Security: Not only are our staff on call 24 hours a day, our system is constantly monitoring account actions for anomalies. Multiple login failures, new and suspicious IP numbers attempting to login to an account, and other activities are monitored, logged, and investigated


International transfers normally take 2-7 working days. After receiving the transfer funds are immediately deposited into the member's account.

When members withdraw USD from their account there's a small percentage fee as well as a $20 handling fee charged by the intermediary bank.

For EU and US members, withdrawals normally take 2-3 working days to arrive in your account. For HK and China Mainland members, withdrawals will normally be completed within 2 hours via our local partner's account. For customers in other parts of the world, withdrawals will require 2-5 working days. We are constantly expanding our partnerships with local banks around the world to offer our members faster withdrawals.

基金将比特币资产和美元(人民币)资产配置在全球流动性较好,安全性高的交易市场。由于各交易市场价格存在差异,基金通过自动化方式同一时间在低价市场买入 BTC,同时在高价市场卖出 BTC,然后等待价格反转的时候进行反方向的操作或者根据市场情况将一个市场的 BTC 提取到另一个市场中,法币进行相反的流动。确保这一过程的持续运转,并在每一笔交易中都获得收益。
调节客户分红比例:基金的部分收益作为 BitCapital 的管理费用于维持算法的更新和服务。在市场流动性低迷时,基金的部分管理分将用于补贴客户的每日分红,尽量保证客户的稳定收益。

红包是一种从你的 MixCoins 账户向别人发送比特币或其它货币的独特方式。用一个词或一句话生成一个兑换码发送给一个或多个人,他们在这里输入兑换码就可以获得对应红包。

  • Login to the 2-Step Verification settings page and directly turn off 2-Step Verification
  • 如载有两步验证器的移动设备丢失,或者卸载了两步验证器,请使用注册邮箱向 [email protected] 发送关闭两步验证密码的申请邮件,并在申请中邮件包含以下信息:
    1. Real name used during registration
    2. Authentic ID document number (attach scanned copies, back and front)
    3. 在 MixCoins 登记的收货地址
    4. Bank account number used for deposits and withdrawals
    5. Approximate date of account registration
Calculation Base
Interest Paid
Interest is paid daily at 4:00PM PST in bitcoin.
Daily Interest Rate
根据市场和交易所运营情况调整,MixCoins 有随时调整利率的权利。
Why offer interest?
利息作为 MixCoins 的一种推广手段,是 MixCoins 给用户的奖励。

货币类型是指用户选择的充值提现货币类型。由于 MixCoins 只向用户提供法币和比特币之间的兑换服务,不提供法币兑换服务。因此选择人民币的用户无法使用美元提现和充值功能。反之亦然。